Everything’s Rosi!

‘When you swim in the creek and an eel bites your cheek, that’s a Moray…’

I have taken the bold step to blog, mainly because everyone said I should. So look forward to ramblings about the general stuff that goes on in my life. Most of it is quite banal, but I am assuming that it will blow someone’s hair to one side. You will come to realise that I am not a PTA mommy, I don’t do anything at superspeed and am currently trying to figure out what it is I need to be doing  as I almost clock 40. I am not in charge and have quite a few regrets. And I will say it – I do feel that some people are more blessed than me, and jealousy has made me ugly on a few occassions.

I have been to the motivational talks, but must confess that at this stage of my life I just want to wallow in it. I have heard it all but somehow I am still waiting for it to sink in. I am desperately trying to find something that I love to do, and that will bring in the bucks. But seems creativity and being flush do not go hand in hand? Hence the repeated attempts at re-entering the corporate market.

I also love to shop for baking accessories and 2-ply loo rolls on special. Shoes and Woolworths can be overrated. I watch too much TV (especially the American dribble) and do not exercise. I love at least 4 sugars and syrup on my Taystee Wheat. Maybe there will be a divine intervention and these weaknesses shall be overcome, but I highly doubt this occurrance in the next 2 weeks.

Choccywoccydoodah – Damn, wish I had thought of that name!


5 thoughts on “Everything’s Rosi!

  1. oh emmmmmmmm G!!! I just looooooooove your blog Cuz!!!! You made me laugh….and that is the most important thing i look for in a person…..the ability to make me laugh!!!! We are so alike it is frightening! At least you have now done what ive always wanted to do but never had the confidence! Well done…..keep on making me laugh!!!!!

    • Thank you. My ass was lame by the end of last night and I had sat a hole in the kudu couch, but i think I figured it out. You, that stays in the Kaap, should give it a go. You are supposed to be more voor-op-die-wa and creative and from the mountain and all that.

  2. hey ros, read our blogs…very entertaining! u would have had a good 1 if you had been at the twins school partytjie….seems some of the kids had a tummy bug that mornin…so, picture this…me opening up the cupcakes & party packs, and the next minute JC throws a projectile vomit inches away from my Dinosaur-blue-iced cupcakes…GROSS! Then anotha one of them also pukes…gee, talk about “Party- Poopers”….Wish i had my camera handy, that would have been a pic for the scrapbook hey??? Vicky

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