A Bit of R&D (All in the name of my little busy-ness)

” But still I am not satisfied! I know full well my tummy’s bulging, But oh, how I adore indulging.” Yet again a quote from ‘s Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes . This one by the wolf, after he had eaten pig number 2 in ‘Little Red Riding Hood.”

The above holds relevance as I lick another spoonful of cream cheese icing from my secret stash in the the little bowl concealed at the back of the fridge – behind the mulberry jam, but in front of the long-forgotten liverspread.

I have had a hectic week, followed by a relatively active weekend (yup – applied make-up 3 days in a row!) – baking, beading and going for job interviews? Like a busy little bee.

The baking started with me delivering complimentary red velvet cupcakes to a select few at various institutions in the dorp. Let’s call it Marketing, as I had the common sense to attach a business card and smile ever so sweetly. I must say they were actually quite delicious, and I thought they looked stunning. Until S told me some of the ones with the pink hearts on looked like vaginas?!? WTF? I think that is saying a lot about what he is not getting here at home. Let’s say he is pre-occupied with the unattainable. I, on the other hand, am pre-occupied with baking, blogging and now beading (but, sorry, not so much bonking?)

This week also involved a job interview – yes, things are really that taait in my part of the world – that had me locked (by mistake due to faulty mechanism) in the boardroom with the interviewer, his 2-i-c, 12 chairs and a laptop that was hooked up and all ready for me to perform the little ‘proficiency test’ (no pressure, OK? Just to see if you can send a mail, that sort of thing?) Afterwards, I had such interviewee’s remorse, I almost deployed the airbag in the car’s dash as I bashed my fist up and down on the vinyl in what can only be described as utter and pure embarrassment for what may have spewed out my orifaces during the appointment.

But back to baking…set out on a little R&D (more rescue & devour than research & development) mission in the city. Managed to get my hands on a mouth on a few very fine specimens, which involved chocolate, mousse, curd, strawberries and other various delectable ingredients. It was tough, but I managed to get 4 down my gullet. It’s a tough, but very neccessary duty, if I am to establish a cupcake business that will rival the best in the business.

Briefly, I had a beading bonanza this weekend – welding 2 pairs of pliers at once, applying epoxy in blobs and blinging everything with rhinestones. Eventually ran out of supplies.

I think I am entering my annual ‘mania phase’. And seems my favourite letter is B. Baking, blogging, buying, beading, super-bubbly (a bit artificial and pretentious, if I say so myself. (What rhymes with bi?) Really don’t need to sleep – only go to bed ‘cos it is the socially correct thing to do. And this with a pill (A waste of Discovery’s chronic benefits). But rather up than down.

Bean bag smells like barley – a real turn on. Especially this weekend past, as S and I celebrated 16 years of wedded bliss – Happy Anniversary, Babes!

P.S. For those of you that may be interested – There is a place in the Main Street of Knysna where you can get vajazzled. And they advertise. Yes,seriously. (See pic of my blinged up red velvet koek attached somewhere to this mail – not sure, yet, how exactly the attaching of photo’s to the post works?)


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