How does this work?

I sat like a tool writing a post and then when I tried to post the damn thing, it told me it was an invalid request. And now I can’t find any of the stuff I wrote. Oh, and to add insult to injury, when a tried to go back, it told me I was in area 404, and that I was never there? WTF!>?!>@W# Hope this is not some virus that I have just downloaded onto the laptop. Man, will I be ever so popular.

In any event, I was spewing diatribe about how I miss my boy, once he has left for the school boarding house, after a weekend at home. Sometimes the parting occurs on a Sunday evening, sometimes at sparrow’s fart on a Monday morning. How the house is suddenly quiet, the cats come out of the hiding and I can lay off the homework nag. Oh, and I again, am officially the second tallest in the house.

There whiff of teenage hormones and stinky slops is less, the pantry has been raided and the peanut butter level is dangerously low. There is no bickering, barking and howling. Pets are not manhandled, and the cats can roam freely once again, without the fear of being used as a live hotwater bottle.

The laundry has been done, folded and packed, the tomato sauce stains ‘treated’ – this weekend I sewed on a record 6 buttons (of which none matched – but what can you expect on a Sunday at 3pm?) Tests have been signed, lectures have been given on various points, including acceptable social behaviour and the advantages of brushing teeth regularly.

Aaah, and I can relax on the homework scene, as this offically becomes his baby till we meet again. Mothers of the future: all I can say is, ‘Teach your minions to Google at your earliest convenience.’ Wikipedia will become your best friend. In my day, you hand-wrote your ‘reports’ in a ‘theme book’ purchased from CNA. You went to the public library and made photostats from real books – encyclopedias. You took the written word in these doorstops of paper as the absolute truth (even though the last published date read 1969 in the front blurb-thingy.) You stencilled all your headings in pencil crayons with those plastic letter stencil thingies. You also got away with Conclusions that read, “I hoped you enjoyed reading this theme as much as I enjoyed doing it.” And this beaut earned me an A, I kid you not! These days, your offspring will be expected to deliver Powerpoint presentations; they will need to produce computer-generated ‘brochures’ and will most probably end up e-mailing assignments directly to the teachers. No books covered in pretty present paper and tacky plastic.

Anyway, I actually admit that I miss my ‘Seun’. But now to the present – ‘What’s for supper?’ It is somehow always up to me, even though I am the one that is prone to putting almost anything in my mouth. Aargh. I will say one thing – this meal, will not be cake. Have gone through a mound of cupcakes, a spicy apple ring and a milktart. Even I have had enough … for this weekend.


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