Leading me into temptation…

OK – I confess. It was me. It was I who tore the cellophane off the box of ‘Medley of Nuts’ with my chompers. It was I who ripped the red packaging apart, while the drool was coursing down my chin, to get to the contents. All this, even though this type of treat would not be my first choice if I was spending money in the sweet aisle at the supermarket.

But over the last 2 days, my lust for the chocolate-coated nuts grew and grew, until I could control myself no longer. I blame S for this. It was he who purchased the box o’ nuts and nonchalantly left it in the fruit bowl (how ironic) yesterday morning. You see, J is off to East London over the weekend to plaly U13 rugby, and the nuts were supposed to be a gift for the family lucky enough to be hosting my son. Well, that bit of forward planning backfired.

Funny how I am never turned on by the bananas, naartjies and other ‘healthy’ stuff that can be found in the fruit bowl. But put a sealed, red box of chocolates in there, in my plain site, from morning ’til nigh … and suffer the consequences. Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.

I would like to add that it was not as though I had been denied chocolate, or sugar, for a few hours. In fact, I spent the better part of today in the kitchen (while intermittently staring and glaring at the red box) making and icing a chocolate cake?

It was all about the ‘forbidden fruits’ that I do not normally have to deal with on a daily basis. Am deciding whether I should breakdown and admit my weakness to S as he returns home. Or should I quietly replace the box tomorrow, since, being a man, he might not notice straight away?



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