Someone’s feeling fabulousss!

Another day, another job interview… but on the plus size (mm … Freudian slip) … I finally got to the Hairdresser! Yay for me, and be gone all ye nasty, grey hairs that have been standing up like fine, frizzy feelers on my head for the past 7 months. (Yes, really … “my name is Ros Scott and my last visit to the hairstylist was 7 months and 2 days ago.)

Honestly, I was starting to look like one those silvery, hairy worms that one occasionally finds break-dancing across the lawn on a balmy summer’s day, after she had casually consumed a couple of prized purple ‘Big Daddy’ petunias. All pale, fat and bloated – with plenty of rolls around the midriff, and silvery, hairy wisps sticking out the body at odd angles. (Also funny how, with these caterpillars, you can’t usually tell their front end from their arse end? Too many orifices, I think?)

Anyway, the lovely Ashly cut off enough cranium-cover to fill a decent-sized Mr Price Home scatter cushion. We went through 2 batches of the tint. I have yet to meet a hairdresser who can accurately guesstimate the correct quantity that will be needed to get decent coverage, even though I remind and warn them timeously. And, of course I did not insist on a full blow out – after all, we wanted to be home before dark.

But, I’m feeling fabuloussss!! A good kilo lighter and all hoppity-skippity.

Maybe this little visit to the salon should have been scheduled for before yet another job interview I endured today. At least the aunty got to the point by telling me upfront this was a comm only position, and was I still interested? As usual, meeting went smashingly – but really have my doubts as to when I shall actually start earning a penny. Economy in this area so depressed – I could be working for no pay/ niks/ zilch/ gratis till my next hairdresser’s appointment in 7 months’ time!?!?

On the plus side, at least I didn’t puke in the car or get locked in the boardroom again. Oh, and I have really got good wear out of my pair of grey Woollies slacks that I purchased just for these auspicious occasions!!


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