Have a look at http://www.wakawomen.com/

Am very honoured to have received a read from Beth Cooper Howell. This lady is one of those that has done quite admirable things in the world of journalism, writing and, it seems … mothering.

When I think, “Damn, I wish I had thought of/ done that!” – it is usually in relation to what ladies like Beth have done. I need to get up off my ass and also do the stuff!

And, yes, she stays in a small, sleepy, decrepid with potholes, seaside town – so yes, it can be done!!

Then, something for the traditional mommy-bloggers and their target audiences: Even my children can sometimes be too precious – I really should make a point of writing down all the gems that spew from my daughter’s mouth! She has this super articulate way of expressing herself and her actions…

The other night, after I had dutifully and lovingly prepared the same old meal, in the same method, with the same secret spices, as I have on a too-regular basis for the past 20 years .. she was taking a little too long to clear her plate.

C had artistically arranged the green beans (which is one of the few things should can’t stand – and this coming from a child that eats gherkins and olives??) all around her plate, and we had cleared the table. But she was still chewing the lamb chop bones, with rather irritating gnashing, scraping and sucking noises. So I asked: “C, what are you doing!?” And before I could go into how uncouth and savage her actions were, she replied, “But, Mom, I am just trying to get all the dust off the chops – it is so delicious!” I am assuming that by dust, she meant spices. But, in any event, I had to laugh…

And it gave me enough fuel – emotionally – to cook for the next few nights, without moaning about my tragic lot in life!


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