Lazy Aged Steak

That was me today…

Took my morning muesli and second cup of coffee, in the sunlight of our pash-e-o. Lovely to be me, then. The waves were crashing in the distance; the birds were chirping in the trees, OK – yes, the cars were zooming by. (Our life is not that privileged that we are totally oblivious to the general public going about their thing, while we go about ours.) But it is days like these that make me realise how super-nice it is to be staying in a beautiful area like this.

Then, the family went on to throw a ‘shrimp on the barbie’ – OK, more like sundowners, wors, a few sosaties and one piece of steak – sign of the economic times. When the said rump is done, we throw it up in the air, and whoever gets their hand on the meat is crowned ‘Vleischmeister’ and allowed to consume it without using cutlery. (Oh, all right – another far-fetched non-truth?!)

Damn, I even went with the clan when we took the dogs down to the lagoon (the one where the flock of pink flamingo’s currently reside – this in sunny SA, nogal!?) to poo on the sand. I refuse to feel bad about this, as our dogs were 3 of about 50-odd, of all pedigrees and sizes, that were visiting, butt-sniffing, peeing on everything and chasing tails and balls – sometimes their own. At least S has the common decency to cover our mutts’ do’s with craftily and hastily toe-built sandcastles, built up from the sand around the offending piles – so that they can easily be identified by carefree, barefoot strollers.

Anyway, my point is that I spent most of the day, in the fresh air and sun – slowly ageing. I now have a burgundy décolletage, yet my thighs are still flabby, white … and hairy. Just like the fat one in the Kardashians.

But it was lovely to be out, instead of draped on the kudu couch, watching – yes, you guessed it – Toddlers ‘n Tiaras.


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