The Anti-Mommy Blogger

Oh, what an evil web of manipulation is being spun. And that is one thing you can’t take away from women – if they want it badly enough, they shall figure out a way to get it.

For some, the ultimate goal is Jimmy Choo’s (Go, Karyn!) For others it is the big fat fish carved out of a stump of alien wood by 7 year-olds in Malaysia, that can only be bought for a ludicrous sum Wey in the Landt of the rich and snooty. Many will work towards a few hours of uninterrupted reading with Mr Grey (apparently, better than the real thing with the husband). Some aim for 2 bottles a night.

For me, in this minute of this moment, I am aiming for one thing only – and that is to beat my record views per day. I have resorted to attacking the American intellect; posting revolting pic’s – that once have been seen, cannot be unseen; using carefully-thought out tags and generally being a bit of an arse.

S says that I should expect hate-mail; and that he does not have time to patrol the boundaries of our property on the lookout for extremists who know where I stay. And I have been given strict instructions to stay away from the post box.

I am almost positive the term “Anti-Mommy Blogger” has been slewn across the Net with gay abandon, many times …. but, people, I can p-own this badge for the next few minutes, at least. What, with the crap and useless information I have shared on this blog – especially today.

(Yes, I have considered the sadness of the situation: that a mature, educated woman is pursuing a goal of this nature, seemingly mindless to many. But hey, I am rather anal that way and TV is crap on a Tuesday.)


2 thoughts on “The Anti-Mommy Blogger

  1. Thank you. I feel a sense of relief that yesterday is over. Got a bit manic there towards the end. It was nice to concern myself with other issues today – where my sense of achievement was not measured by others ‘viewing’ my blog. Although I remained indoors today – am still concerned about roaming rednecks trying to break into my yard.

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