The BIG 5ive – 0h -0h!

Yay. I have had 500 all time views.

I could not have done it without the support and encouragement of my 8 loyal fans. The rest of you can get off at the post office.

“You love me, you really love me!” Now, where’s my @#$# money? And gold statue?

It is rather unfortunate, though, that I have had to resort to using tags like lesbian, skank, Toddler’s ‘n Tiara’s, big-boned, mommy-blogger and a few others with unsavoury connotations, to get your attention. For that, I shall deduct 5 marks.

I think you can safely question my scruples after today’s post – the one that included visuals of gold, stretchy, lamè tights – evidently bought at the knop-shop.

This weight-disadvantaged madam is still not finished with the singing.

P.S. – Woolworths, Lonmin, Ju-Ju, FOMO – Topics that I can debate with superior knowledge, but choose not to – just so last week. But see my views soar with these gems!!

P.P.S. Can I also have a Freebie in Franschoek?


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