The face behind the modern ‘Mommy Blogger.’


4 thoughts on “The face behind the modern ‘Mommy Blogger.’

  1. I don’t like to be clasified as a Mommy Blogger. Even though I am a mom and a blogger. I don’t want my life to be judged as how I behave as a mother, rather just as me.

    Those gold cycling shorts are siff.

  2. Not a fan of ‘Mommy Blogger’ either. Think I have mentioned this to a few of my cronies, but I find myself either 1) defending my sterling parenting skills to someone who has no koek ‘n clue; 2) pretending that I am just a super! parent!!, who does everything!! right!! (in these instance, over-punctuation!! is a dead giveaway); 3) consciously or sub-consciously judging others’ parenting skills, where I clearly have no koek ‘n Clue; or dying for a Savannah Dry or 6.
    Am trying to focus on the ‘Will Ferrell’ side of life, and not worrying too much about whether the house will burn down.
    I find the chutz-pah with which this gentleman wears his stretchy gold lamè short too darling for words.
    (And it does make you think about who is actually writing the blogs that Mommy Bloggers and their minions so love…?)

  3. Mommy bloggers always appear to be doing everything right, even when they’re doing everything wrong (and saying so). When I blog about parenting, I’m almost always lamenting something and generally using it as a personal journal – a raw, honest one. LOVE dem pants, baby!

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