So, I didn’t get the job. Again.

Yup. Another freaking interview that went smashingly well. And it was between me and another … just the two. (Have also been part of three’s a crowd.) And I didn’t get it…again. It is really getting difficult to stay upbeat. I have been over qualified, under qualified, too creative, too ambitious, not enough of a go-getter, not living close enough to the prospective place of work, actually wanting to earn at least half of what I am worth … man, it is getting really frustrating. And I threw my happy face in the shoe cupboard. Am I perhaps defective merchandise? Return to sender? Out of warranty? Outdated? Faulty? Overpriced? And we will start again on Monday…

At least this weekend I was able to bake my frustrations away … from lifesize Yorkies to fairy princesses. A different kind of stress that also had a few hiccups – like when the damn dog’s cheek kept falling off! Must say, said hound left here in one piece – let’s hope it made it’s way to St Francis, through our potholed streets. Mary Anne was very gracious about acceptinjg the bakkie of icing for ‘just in case’. And I sincerely hope that she didn’t have to use the icing. Mary Anne!!! Answer your phone!!! (I have vowed never to own a Yorkie a.k.a “My personal Cujo”.)!/groups/185658021565822/

As my Mumsie keeps saying … everything happens for a reason… and things could be worse… I could be starving elsewhere in Africa… Aaargh. No. Really.


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