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So, I didn’t get the job. Again.

Yup. Another freaking interview that went smashingly well. And it was between me and another … just the two. (Have also been part of three’s a crowd.) And I didn’t get it…again. It is really getting difficult to stay upbeat. I have been over qualified, under qualified, too creative, too ambitious, not enough of a go-getter, not living close enough to the prospective place of work, actually wanting to earn at least half of what I am worth … man, it is getting really frustrating. And I threw my happy face in the shoe cupboard. Am I perhaps defective merchandise? Return to sender? Out of warranty? Outdated? Faulty? Overpriced? And we will start again on Monday…

At least this weekend I was able to bake my frustrations away … from lifesize Yorkies to fairy princesses. A different kind of stress that also had a few hiccups – like when the damn dog’s cheek kept falling off! Must say, said hound left here in one piece – let’s hope it made it’s way to St Francis, through our potholed streets. Mary Anne was very gracious about acceptinjg the bakkie of icing for ‘just in case’. And I sincerely hope that she didn’t have to use the icing. Mary Anne!!! Answer your phone!!! (I have vowed never to own a Yorkie a.k.a “My personal Cujo”.)!/groups/185658021565822/

As my Mumsie keeps saying … everything happens for a reason… and things could be worse… I could be starving elsewhere in Africa… Aaargh. No. Really.


About rosfromscratch

Currently, on a road to nowhere. Verrrry busy deciding what to do. Cooking supper, applying for jobs, going to interviews, managing to maintain an unhealthy fighting weight, shopping for cake decorating equipment (shoes don't do it for me), threatening to rep, crocheting, crying, sleeping 'til sinfully late, watching Toddlers in Tiaras (fascinating stuff), baking, desiring a cake shop, often wishing I had thought of that and painting very occasionally. However, will not be purchasing one of those 'Life is Good' signs at the Mr P Home shop. Footnotes: 3 x dogs, 3 x cats, 1 x 13 year-old boytweenman, 1 x 9 year-old minime Hannah Montana-hating girl, 1 x rapidly greying husband and an over active granny with an under active thyroid. PS - Am all for meds, even taking my iron supplement gives me a cheap thrill.

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