Toddlers ‘n Tiara’s plus Extreme Couponing…

Oh, my word! I am beside myself. These Americans just think of everything. There is an extreme couponer on Toddlers ‘n Tiara’s. No. Really. It is like having my cake and eating it. What a timesaver – like watching 2 shows for the price of one. My multitasking has now taken on a whole new level.

Currently, I am:

– eating chocolate ice cream (yes, even after working with choc cake and icing for 3 days non-stop, enduring an excruciating headache, which I suspect has something to do with said attraction to this stuff, one can never have enough chocolate);

– blogging

– mentally preparing for yet another job interview tomorrow – what to wear, what questions to ask…

– watching Toddlers ‘n Tiara’s AND Extreme Couponing all in one viewing

– boiling the kettle for my first cup of tea of the evening

– chewing my nail

– sucking in my gut so I can see the keyboard of my laptop

Yes, dear readers, I am so thinly spread … like low fat spread on a WeightWatchers cracker.

Speaking of which – many of these crazy pageant momma’s, along with myself, need to dust off the ol’ sensible eating plan … Christmas is round the corner – almost time for my yearly shave again – and I need to be able to reach my ankles with the Gillette.

(Am scared – for the children, and the other parents – there is this big pageant momma waltzing around the pageant practice with a baseball bat. No. Really.)




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