Trend-doodling and other party themes.

Oh, darlings – yes, that includes you, my 9 fans… you must simply take a gander over to for a refreshing and voluminous commentary on what I assume is normal American life in the ‘Burbs (and maybe the ‘Hood or fat camp). This lady loved Bacon first, and now all those unimaginative semi-others have latched onto the trend and are popping this porky treat by podgy handfuls into their portly pie-holes.

That is the agony of  being a trendsetter … the uniqueness that you bring to the table – in this case, the love of Babe’s bum fried up in lard -only lasts for a short while before the rest of the mortals latch on and hoover all the good stuff up.

Now, back to my favourite topic – ME. I find myself a suffering trendsetter, too. (Yup – that is what you call people that like and do things way before it is considered cool by mere mortals…) But my area of trend-doodling – (Do not pinch this word to use as your own! This is a ‘Damn, I thought of that!’ moment for me) – is in kid’s party themes. So I did Stinky Winky, Ho and their cronies, Winnie-da-Poo and See Saw, Tonsils Inc., You Little Phoney, Dingleberry Shartface, Finding Zero, Hello Titty, Trailer trash Barbie and the Disney gals (including Stinkerbell) way before they had printed the napkins and designed the invites. I have endured In-colouritus in my wrist – caused by hand – colouring pictures of then-not-so-popular kid’s cartoon characters on everything from boxes to envelopes to placemats. When I do do a theme, I go all out -everything must match – am a bit anal that way. (Ha ha. Made a funny: Poo … do do … anal.)

And then, 6 months later when a now former BFF or BFA (Bitchy False Aquaintance) does the same party in the same theme… it is always better, ‘cos by then, there are cupcake wrappers, balloons and wine glasses for the mom’s … all pre-printed, colour-coded, sandblasted, pre-packed and ready be put out by the hideously overpriced pompous party planner.

Oh, the agony of being a trendsetting anti-mommy blogger …


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