My name is rosfromscratch and I have thought about slapping my 13 yr old son this week. Alot.

We are halfway through the holiday now and I have had it with all the smart comebacks spewing from my teenage son’s mouth.

He has to have the last say – about absolutely everything. He objects to, denies, refuses and verbally vomits – about absolutely everything.

What makes it worse, is that his voice is approx. 90% broken, so all this noise that is constantly aimed at me sounds less human and more like a donkey giving birth to twins in the courtyard.

I have refrained from giving his cheek a swift, warm one-time, mainly because:

– He is faster, taller and stronger than me;

-and I am worried that he may know the number for Social Services.

I have smacked my children on occasion – because they did not heed the verbal, silent and optical warnings; they did not react favourably to other forms of punishment and yes, they deserved it.

There, I said it. To the delight – or dismay – of all the Mommy Bloggers.



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