Wow. For ME. 1000 HITS.

“You love me. You really, really love me!”

I have officially hit the elusive 1000+ on the hit-my-blog-o-meter. Yay.

Just over 3 months of posting my inner most thoughts; rantings, random pictures; details of ordinary and sometimes, extraordinary events; re-blogs from seasoned bloggers; my views on life and yes, even pure, unadulterated drivel.

But, you will be pleased to know, I have learnt astonishing things about myself and you, my 12 fans. I finally figured out how to put the Hits-thingy in my official site. I also realised that the Hits-thingy gets very busy when I use certain tags. For instance, my hits take a little jump when I insert tags of words with lewd, sexual or funny connotations. For some reason, “Toddlers ‘n Tiara’s’ (No. Really.) has phenominal pulling power. As does mentioning the larger countries in the world, like America and Russia; and the general dim-wittedness of the lower class Yankee population. (Becca – you know this is not personal, more of a generalisation based on all the US TV we are exposed to, here in S.A. Actually – this is a whole new topic for another time. Should I not be questioning MY IQ scores, as I am inexplicably drawn to watching these US shows, which are so obviously aimed at persons way below me on the DUH! scale??) )

And yes, dear readers, I admit that I have often used this nugget of knowledge to my advantage, thereby baiting and luring additional viewers into my blog-web. I find this a handy little vice, especially on the days when my posts are weak and sub-standard. I would like to say I will definitely not be making use of the above dirty-blog tactics ever again. But that would be a big fat lie.

You see, I have also learnt that to get your hits up, your need to post regularly. Alot. Sometimes too often. And, quite honestly, even I am not that spectacularly interesting, intelligent, breathtakingly beautiful and talented to keep it going 24/7. It is exhausting – mentally, emotinally,visually – and I have developed a spot of tennis elbow in some of my important finger joints. So, yes, there may be a bit of turkey-stuffing a.k.a as polyfiller, here and there. For this, I apologise profusely in advance.

But bear with me. I am starting to love all this writing. At first, it was really hard to get even one post out a week. Now, I am addicted and get so involved (I especially love my Stats page! Thrilling stuff!) Sometimes I only snap out of it when I smell burning – usually supper – but sometimes, it is my very own brain matter.

I must confess that I have considered blogging on the bog. It is that bad.


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