Borrrrnnn in the USA. Not.

Apon scrutiny of my blog stats, I have noticed that I have a strong American following. I find this quite strange for what it is: the ramblings of a girl from a small dorp (town) in little South Africa (which, for you dimwits out there, is nowhere near Australia). This, even though I have on many occasion, ridiculed the US intellect.

I find it disturbingly thrilling to think that there are all sorts around the globe giving my blog the once over. Yes, I know you don’t read every word. Yes, I know you are only responding to tags with lewd connotations (see previous blogs). And yes, I know some of you only look at the pictures.

Although I am grateful for all this wanted attention, I still require a handful of S.A. bloggers to treat me and visit my blog. You see, I too, want to get freebies and some paid advertising. I am basically on this fricking blog most of my waking hours at the moment, so I figure – why not get some change for my efforts?

I know I am not the picture-perfect Mommy Blogger, but hey, we are not all obsessed with child rearing. Some of us have other creepy obscene pasttimes to keep us on our toes.


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