Job Application. Again.

So. Just as I am settling in for a carefree weekend of couch-potato-ing and mindless blogging, I catch sight of an ad for a ‘suitable’ position in the papers, for this area, nogal!

I am still stinging from the last rejection. But in my mind, I immediately start composing my application letter for the advertised job. Although S, bless his cotton socks, has told me to lay off the hunt for a while – regain my composure, build my upper body strength and get my smiley face ready for action! 

Yet, I keep thinking that I must submit my C.V. Maybe, this is the one. The position for me. Me and the company – destined to be together – a match made in heaven. Success! Accolades! Awards! Happily ever after!

What to do? What to do?

Apply and be ready for another bout of rejection?

Ignore ad and remain blissfully unaware? (Although, I know I will always wonder about all the ‘What if’s…’)


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