Stone cold sober and not that funny.

Yup. Without the wine greasing the cogs, it is a bit harder to be fabulously funny and howlingly humorous.

Astonishingly,  though, I was able to survive the 3rd Birthday party of The Other Twins – which included a snake show, too many screaming kids no higher than my boobs, lots of Chinese food and skinner – all without wine.

I also attended a church fete, in support of Mumsy – where they definitely did not serve wine. (A bit disappointed. This was obviously not the same type of religious function as referred to in the Bible, where through a miracle of Jesus, the wine flowed freely?)

And this, plus the other night’s braai, was about as much smiley face as this socio-phobe can muster for the next week. At least.

Oh, and I hit 200+ views today, through some sharp sharing tactics. Still more Yankee’s on my trail – and I ‘thank you, thank you very much!” for that.

There have also been some views from countries with names that I cannot recall from GR12 – had to call in my 13 year old for assistance. He says I should give him a head’s up when I start getting hits from Bikinibottom and Tankinistan.

Now, on a serious note – how would I convert this stream of vivacious vocab into anything that resembles money, free holidays, free nosh, or, at the very least, some coupons for laundry washing liquid and cat treats?


2 thoughts on “Stone cold sober and not that funny.

  1. You are so much cooler than me. I will not do the snake thing, though they don’t bother me per say. The neighborhood emails about the baby rattlesnakes are good enough for me.

    Reddit hasn’t blocked you? they hate me. People shared my blog and they blocked them. I shared others blogs they blocked me. I wasn’t spamming.

    • I have no idea who Reddit even is. Just copied and pasted the share knob – and so far, they have taken 2 of my posts. But I have noticed that they don’t like it if you try posting on the site too much. So, we will see how far I get.

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