Just in case you have been on Mars this past week …

Occasionally, someone comes along who deserves to be up their own ass.

So, with that in mind – see what that Yankee Doodle is up to …


Quite a funny lady … most of the time.

Tag-extraordinaire, with clever usage, including, but not limited to, http://ladyornot.com/freaks/

We all need a heroine to blog up to … I salute you,  Becca 2000


4 thoughts on “Just in case you have been on Mars this past week …

  1. Yes a funny lady indeed 🙂

    Now where are those cakes
    you were thinking of baking
    I am starving this evening? 🙂

    I am visiting
    you from Becca’s 🙂


    • Well, later today, i shall be making a Minnie Mouse for a cake on Thursday. If you were in the vicinty, I could recommend the following specials from this week’s menu … Orange cake with chocolate freckles and orange & butter frosting; good old red velvet with cream cheese frosting … or how about … the one I do really well – Rich chocolate with real butter/ choc icing. nyom, nyom, nyom.

  2. It’s a pleasure; requires very little effort since I am already fart-arsing around here in cyberspace… And thank you to all the Likers! Am actually astounded by the sheer 6 males of the species reading my blog! Go Figure.

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