Yay! School starts tomorrow.

I am so grateful that the minions are back in someone else’s care from tomorrow. I have renewed respect for teachers in our country.

If I listen to one more fight, whine, moan or scream, I shall burst my own eardrums.

If I have to raise my voice one more time to be heard, I shall yank my vocal chords out by the roots.

If I spend another car trip listening to a fight about which CD should be playing, I will walk. It is that bad.

If I have to spend another cent on mindless activities to entertain the children, whom, I might add, are bored by almost everything, I will have to rob a bank.

On the bright side, however, I found a treadmill! At a good price. Which S will pick up from PE tomorrow. So, now I will have to stop having 5 sugars on my cereal in the morning. And lay off the coffee creamer in the 6 + cups I have each day. By installing this contraption in our house, I am hoping to get a new lust for life, Joie d’ Vivre, kick up my arse or, at the very least, reduce the size of said arse.

As I walk on my road to nowhere – everyday – I will contemplate the lack of complexity in my life.

A lot of thought has gone into the ideal psitioning of said sweat-maker in our house. And, as the current chief executive homemaker, I had the final say. The treadmill will be standing in the braairoom, in front of the TV, where I can watch Toddlers ‘n Tiara’s, in relative peace.

I am still contemplating whether I should charge a hourly rate – valid for all family members who think they can hitch a ride on my mean machine.


4 thoughts on “Yay! School starts tomorrow.

    • Re: treadmill – bought from my friend who used it 3 times in her bra and panties. She bought it from another women who used it for a month. So, I have very average expectations as to how long this ‘novelty’ will remain interesting for me. Like everything in my life at the moment … one day at a time … Don’t worry now about money for groceries on Friday. Worry on Friday.
      as for school – son off to boarding school (secret yay.) and daughter here in town. But I am so lucky in that S does the school run, even makes her lunch … we have him whipped. This leaves me ample time to troll around in my pj’s and honeymoon slippers, as you, I am sure, have realised that I still have not landed a cushy job in government.

  1. An excellent choice, and those treadmills
    can be set to a nice steady walking pace
    too unless you feel like running, of course
    a bra and panties are always optional but
    sometimes necessary when those naughty
    knights are in the vicinity 🙂

    Yes I am a bit too wicked sometimes 🙂 lol


    • Have also wisely positioned it so that my arse is facing the wall … like you said, just in case those naughty knights are in the area. Cannot even begin to imagine what the full back view of me would look like… (Knights? Who? Where? What? Am a little dof … if you’d care to explain…)

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