Ooo, Neee, fok, countesskaz, get a grip. You are making me nervous. And I quote a recent passage from her blog:

“Thanks to Charlie’s Bird for the book referrals. Will take you up on it. I sadly don’t have a Kindle but have requested one from my farmer  for Christmas. So let’s hold thumbs.

About a quarter of the way through my Christmas shopping. Now I just need to decide on a theme for my wrapping and then buy the goods. Any suggestions?”

It is aunties like you that encourage the giant retailers to dust off the Boney M records in August!!


5 thoughts on “For

  1. Fair enough…but, remember I live in the bundu’s. So only have about 3-4 trips left to the shops before the Ditsy December starts. AND I HATE SHOPPING IN QUEUES!!! I really hate queues. They are way, way, way, WAY beneath me!

    So, you can’t blame me for starting now….can you?

    • Do I hear a bit of ‘crazy-obsessive’ in that ‘haha’ you gave? And I should know …. had to interrupt punching out the 200-odd 3mm diameter fondant polka dots for my Minnie Mouse’s dress (Which is what I am working on, for a cake for Thursday) to make this comment. Oh, yes, I did.

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