Like waxing the hair, down there … one at a time.

1924 Views. OK. 70 Posts. Check. Now I am just plain neurotic. Have I lost my sparkle, my va-va-va-voom, my interesting demeanour? Can someone in the Blogosphere tell me if i am on the right track? I know I am slightly off the international radar, what with being situated in the Bundu’s, on the tip of Africa – but how do I know I am doing the right thing? Or is it better to be doing the popular thing?

Hitting 2000 is obviously going to take a lot longer than I originally planned for. I am just hoping that you, my loyal fans, actually have more of a social life than I do. And that you have not lost complete interest in my blogging activities.

Hey, it could be that you are sitting in a bar somewhere, sponging martini’s and shooters off unsuspecting hopefuls. Or maybe, you are out at the cinema, flicking popcorn into the ‘fro 3 rows down. Or, of course, you could be pretending to work your fingers to the bone in a downtown office somewhere… Else, you are the quintessential Yummy Mummy and the soccer run is still in progress.

Of course, if you are in South Africa, you may be throwing boerie on the braai. And ladies, you would most probably be adding the finishing touches to the salad and getting the paper plates in their baskets. The box of semi-sweet is balancing precariously on the melamine counter and already about halfway gone. The Jan Ellis pudding is warming up in the Defy. There is a bit of melancholy in the air, as you turn the sosasties … the Cheetahs got drilled by the Stormers. Who knows if Pretoria will be celebrating – the Bulls are still on the field? And it is tight, manne.

But, if you are like me, you are slowly being hypnotised (or Americanised – depending on how you look at is…) by all the  US reality TV. Every channel you flick to – dogs, Kardashians, beauty pageants, racing across the globe, gypsies. Even the Eastwoods have jumped on the bandwagon – I mean, there goes all Clint’s credibility as a bad ass cowboy – Who’s feeling lucky, now?

Oh, the interesting life I lead….


2 thoughts on “Like waxing the hair, down there … one at a time.

  1. Thanks for the comment you left on my blog, Ros. Loving the look of yours! I will be adding you to me google reader ASAP, and look forward to getting to know you 🙂

    • mmmm … be careful of what you are letting yourself in for. Sometimes, we can be a bit psycho, here, deep in the scratch patch. And sometimes, it is just downright b-o-r-i-n-g. No. Really. But, hey, I try to put on my happy face most of the time! Yippi-di-do-dah!

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