Steve Hofmeyr must be dying to create another lovechild!

‘Liefling … Sonder jou, blah, blah, blah.’ I can just imagine ol’ Steve, as unofficial mascot of the Blue team who actually play in pink, rasping in the shower, ‘cos, you guessed it, the Bulls won! Of course, in our little town, this means that half the rugby-devotees will get so twisted on their ear tonight – and there will be hooting and flag-waving and plenty of Klippies ‘n Cola consumed. And, shame, the other half, i.e. the Cheetahs supporters, will also get smashed, but in a more snot-bubbles, dribbling and krokodil-trane sort of way. And poor ol’ Robbie Wessels (my personal choice – I have actually paid to see this one perform – twice) will be doing die Leeuloop, somewhere in the gravel outside a bar in the Vrystaat.

That’s life. Sometimes, you win – sometimes you lose.

Tonight, I think I won. My own little contest, here – on rosfromscratch. There were no camera’s, lights or make-up people. No referees, I think. And definitely not 40 000 spectators.

But, I am quietly confident that I will score the 2000 number with this, the last post of the evening……I will rest in peace, once I have taken my pill and spritzed my pillow with calming Woolies’ lavender linen mist.


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