Cupcake Exorcism … possible through exercising?

Being the good girl that I am, I gritted my teeth and did my 20 minutes on the treadmill last night. Covering the timer with a Post-It definitely works for me – the minutes don’t somehow turn into hours – as long as I don’t see them. I have also decided that it feels better to actually do the time for the crime later in the day. I am more bushy-tailed, bright-eyed, supple, lithe, and at least 80% awake.

But, I am tortured by inner turmoil. I know that I am exercising for my own good; healthy body, healthy mind; and all that other stuff you read in the magazines. And I am painfully aware that following a healthy eating regime goes hand-in-hand with all the physical stuff. But, herein lies my dilemma: due to the nature of my current hobby/passion/obsession/career, I am keeping company with the evil that is sugar, butter, cream, caramel, chocolate and all things bad that make baking so goooood. And ALL my wares undergo rigorous quality testing – by me, myself and I. And those lucky few who are part of the ‘inner circle.’

Remember now that my mind is ever racing, reasoning, deliberating, worrying and analyzing. See where this is going? What is the point of me exercising, unless I can contain my appetite? I know that every little bit of physical torture is supposed to count. But then, surely, so does every cupcake? And I am not talking one little indiscretion here, today. Oh no! As I have lamented before, I have an addictive nature, which often gets me into trouble. As does my seemingly endless pit, that goes by the technical term of ‘stomach.’ With my all-or-nothing personality, and my inclination to be more lazy than lusty, I am usually able err on the side of nothingness most of the time. Hence, I am sitting here, on the couch blogging, instead of building up a sweat on my hamster-mill.

I know that to rectify this current state of mind, I will have to put more thought into what I put into my mouth. Put an eating plan A, B, through G in place.

Please refrain from giving any dietery advice, unless you are, in fact, a registered dietician. I honestly have heard it all before. No. Really. You have no idea.



12 thoughts on “Cupcake Exorcism … possible through exercising?

  1. I was going to add a five thousand word synopsis on how you can improve your dieting goals by having lengthy sessions of unbridled sex with your hubby but seeing as you have already bought the ‘T’ shirt on everything dietry and excercise I will leave you to your own devices, besides being that your treadmill is just over there, staring at you as you write your blogs, and bake your deliciously sweet and yummylicious cup cakes, it just takes a simple step in the right direction to shed all of those cravings… Well the eating one’s anyway 😉 lmao

    You Can Do It….

    Andro x

    • You are so right…. I have my mommy’s bingo wings, spare tyre and chocolate knees. And I have my Dad’s back hams, huge head and elephant ears. Wait. let me go and put some lippy on – maybe it’ll make me feel better.

      • LOL Lippy doesn’t even make me feel better any more!! I have made peace with my ‘voluptuosness” (did i just invent a new word?) and i have embraced my (large) Maritz genes…….:)

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