My cupcakes are that good …

I watched in awe, as Boris, my crusty canine steve, snatched an empty cupcake paper from whence it lay alonside my prettily mosaic’d coaster, on the coffee table … and gobbled it – whole. That should make for a interesting pile of poo tomorrow….

But in my twisted mind, it gives me the reassurance that, my cupcakes … or, at the very least, their wrappers … taste gooood!

(In his defence, I should not have left the paper unattended, as Boris is a known cupcake thief. I have watched how he has carefully selected, with his teeth and curled backed lips,  a tasty-looking specimen from the various line-ups of cupcakes, cooling for icing, as they have stood to attention on the diningroom table. I have also stood idly by as my kids have fed him cupcake papers in a variety of ex-flavours … and we have all guffawed at his greed to consume them. Is it animal abuse if the animal thoroughly enjoys it?)

The cupcake thief – before we knew of his addiction, his evil ways … and before he got fat…

Boris – the Cake Burglar …. whose a Mommy’s pretty boy!! Yes, you’re a momma’s pretty boy!!!

The cat is peering over my shoulder as I type, and most probably thinking, as she glares at the pic, “You dumb twot.”


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