A topic so close to my heart … and my of course it includes the ever popular tag: Toddler ‘n Tiara’s. It’s like having my cake and eating it.

I’ve been running around with this thought in my head for a few weeks, and am struggling to put it in to words so that it make sense.

I saw this link recently which was a post about Toddlers and Tiara’s {excellent post} and it made me splutter in anger/frustration.

Not because it said anything that was not true, but because the video reminded me of how much I hate /abhor this show.

And how angry it makes me.

It brought up severe feelings.  It is not just this show – though the show is enough to push a mom over the edge, but it is because this culture is a symptom of something so much bigger.

I am not the best mom in the world.  I realise I often make some stupid parenting decisions, which I hope I learn from them as I go ahead.

Even with my rather limited IQ…

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  1. That is one scary show!!! What gets me is that there is already such huge huge huge problem all over the world with child prostitution, child pornography, pedophiles, human/child trafficking, rape…ag the list goes on…..and basically what these parents are doing is giving those sick people out there pernmission to fantasise, masturbate and God knows what else while watching these kids or images of these kids, and then later acting out their sick fantasies!!!!! It makes me so angry that some parents can be so STUPID!!!!! What do they think they are achieveing by parading and plucking and waxing their children so that they can win a couple of dollars, or savings bonds, or canopie beds or whatever they think they are gaining??? Quite frankly i think they are raising $2 hookers!!! And as for some of those rather unatractive mothers who are forcing their little ones to do the stuff that, honestly, they didnt get to do as children, because they were just too ugly!! I also sit watching it, totally fascinated by these cretins called parents, and am horrified by what i see!!! And dont get me started on the way they speak…..You did GOOD darlin!! WTF?????? I read an article a while ago about the actual show, where the producers were accused of portraying the pageants as child abuse and ‘sexualising’ the children and competitions……Hello!!!….you big fat redneck mama….YOU ARE ABUSING YOUR CHILD AND TURNING HER INTO A SEXUAL OBJECT….dont you dare come and complain if your daughter gets molested or raped later on….IT WILL BE ALL YOUR FAULT, YOU STUPID IDIOT!!!!!!! Ok, rant over…i better stop here before i get started on MY BIG FAT GYPSY WEDDING…….

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