Jackpot! We’re frying, tonight, Baby!

Scratched around in the deep freeze this morning for something to defrost for supper. Took out what I thought looked like tenderised/ stewing steak and began planning in my head how I would slow cook the animal protein for 2 hours, while basting, saucing and prepping veggies.

As the day progressed and the meat started softening up, I was busy blogging and doing some ‘internet housekeeping’, so I actually did not care.

But then, upon closer inspection of the meltdown that was happening on the kitchen counter, I discovered that this cut of meat was, perhaps, destined for greater things than the stewing pot. And that was because it was RUMP! Jackpot!! It was as if I had pulled a rabbit out the hat… (This type of thing tends to happen when one is not all ‘Martha Stewart’ about meticulously prepping, pre-packing, portioning, marking and stacking the month end groceries…)

So, I dusted off the Le Creuset grilling pan – the one that makes cute little criss-cross patterns on the food and splatters the entire stove area with fat. And I oiled and peppered those steaks. And we were frying for supper, Baby! (And wiping down counters, mopping oil spills, putting out fires.)

Oh. It was worth it. I performed exceptionally well. Scoffed everything – as I am entitled to do, considering that I am in ‘O’ blood group. Yes – we are are the meat eaters of the world – we thrive on a diet rich in animal protein.

Steak in the middle of the week. Sounds luxurious. But as long as I dug it out the freezer, and didn’t have to actually fork out for it today, it’s A-OK.

Watching movie, ‘Fun with Dick and Jane.’ How bad does it get before they repossess your lawn? Talk about hitting a raw nerve. As Jim Carrey says in the movie, “There’s always prostitution.” But I will have to do more time on the damn treadmill to get top dollar.


2 thoughts on “Jackpot! We’re frying, tonight, Baby!

  1. Hee Haa!! Rump on a week night!! Bonus!! I shop weekly, so usually know exactly what’s in the freezer…mince and chicken, chicken and mince…..everyone is so tired of that question every day…what would you like tonight dear? Beef (mince) or chicken????? But come weekend….not a a piece of chicken or mince in sight!!!!!! So from tonight till sunday night i get to make my lavish meals…..starting tonight…..Beef burgers!! Ok, i know, technically its still minced beef…but i didnt have to prepare it myself…just have to pop it in the pan and voila, its done!! No frying of finely chopped onion, chopping parsley, sticking my hands into that raw mince, egg and breadcrumb mixture and trying to make a pattie! LOL!!!! And i think, tomorrow night…we shall have rump too! With a nice creamy, green peppercorn sauce…YUM!

    • Jinna! You sound like the SAA air hostess now!!! I am soooo sick of my own cooking these days. I will even take peanut butter on toast – as long as I don’t have to makes it.
      I love to experiment in the kitchen, but it hardly seems worth it for the 3 of us during the week. Plus, this lot can be so full of S#$t! The one that will eat just about everything, is sitting at the hostel, where he gets pig’s arse and cabbage leaves!

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