You got that right.

My advice to you is: “There is a pill for every ailment, even yours. Pull your thumb out your arse and find it, so I can take it for you.”

As you all realise by now, I am all for meds. At some point in our lives, we all need a little help. And the most important thing, is to accept this, and the fact that some individuals need more assistance than others. I, for one, know that my after-breakfast and after-dinner mints, have stopped me going to jail for verbal and physical assault, lewd behaviour and acts involving out-of-control spending on mosaic tiles and beads. And I accept that, currently, this is best for me and all those around me, who love me (OK … and those who don’t, as well.)

You, my neighbours, my mother and my sane friends know that they – and I – will be just fine, as long as you, and they, don’t tell me to, “Snap out of it!” And I am a pro at putting on my ‘happy-face’, sometimes leaving the house and dealing with it. Luckily, my obsessive-compulsive streak and inane fear of what others may think, allow me to do a variety of things (like putting on a mask and baking and drinking) really well. And I crave praise and compliments – like a bouncy puppy – they make me want to bop around and do even better!

My husband, I assume, knows how to handle it – and, therefore, has remained relatively scar-free for the past 20-odd years. And it definitely spices things up. For him, some days are like waking up to a whole new me! Heee-haaa!

But, with this ‘history’, I am an expert on most topics relating to mental wellness, or lack thereof. And, if I had extra prescriptions to fill, I would so love to play Secret Santa … there are way too many individuals that would benefit from a decent dose of meds.

In the meantime, though, if you are feeling and acting slightly unstable, come into my personal space, Dr Cupcake will gladly administer a dose of attitude adjustment across your mug. For free.


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