I feel you, cousin!

Damn, I wish I had thought up this word! So rich and descriptive. Really says it all. Combining the best and worst of both crap and mental exhaustion. It is me, today. (Actually, ‘Exhaustipated’ is the badge I have been wearing around on my boob for quite a few days this past year.)

On the home front and a brighter note – took the pool cover off, because the sun was actually shining this morning. And damn, it was a really brighter note … in fact, the pool was luminous yellow. It’s glowing and eery translucence was only marred somewhat by the 15cm black, HAIRY worms floating around just below the surface. At least they were dead. Although, I am rather concerned about where these little fiends would have come from, and where then, were their buddies? This is the same pool that is 3m away from my front door which stands open on an all too regular basis? And judging by the size of the critters, I expect that they can cover an expansive area, in a short time, with just a few squiggles.

As I watched the pool boys (in this case – the work for free variety – S and J) stirring up the pea soup with the scoops and brushes and what-not, I must admit, the evil little voice in my head urged me to: “Go ahead, sneak up behind one of the pasty slave labourers, and give a little push. C’mon – it will be fun!” I think this mean impulse was fuelled by my enquiring mind, which was working overtime – trying to figure out whether the volatile pool liquid could make a human glow in the dark? I would have a long wait to sunset, before I could prove my theory. But, I am sure, well worth the wait …

Luckily for the boys (and C), the Granster pitched up, and whisked the kids off for a walk on the beach. So, distracted from my evil plans to light up someone’s life, I went back to watched the crime channels …

And I can only conclude that Americans are either way stupid, when it comes to killing off their countrymen, stealing and performing other crude crimes … or they really don’t give a f$%k about being caught? And oh, the evil web they weave, when start to realize they have screwed up … squirming like the worms in my pool.



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