I am the champion … right till the end!!!

3008 hits.

Thank God. Have recently consumed my Zolpidom with my Chardonnay, and am ready to retire for the evening.

S, stop making the kids’ school lunches and draw my bath. I command you! (I think he was hit no. 3001, after I forced him to log on and hit me, one more time. Yes, I am really that shallow, goal-orientated and materialistic.)

For a later post: I have a bone to pick with WordPress. They are running ads on my blog. (I spied this via S’s hit on my blog … the buggers!!) Apparently, according to an admin post by ‘Matt’ , the friendly face of WordPress, because I am part of some Ad programme? Oh, and I can opt out of this for 0.008c per hit?!?!

Listen, I don’t care what WordPress is advertising on my blog, as long as they give me the heads up and they reward me handsomely!! (Reward = Franschoek.)

Tomorrow, or the next day, when I am slightly more sober, I shall be taking this up with the authorities….


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