Racing towards 3000 hits.

My palms are getting sweaty. My nails have been gnawed down to their quick (is that a word?).

I have been hit, by mildly interested readers, at a reasonably acceptable pace for the past week, hence the big 3-0-0-0 is on the radar; within my crazed blog-brain sight.

It always gets me a bit excited, when I start working towards a goal…

I even did a bit of networking duty, as suggested by popular bloggers like About Lady
or Not…Here I Come
 and Texana’s Kitchen   I just hope I did it right? And I tried to include meaningful and thoughtful comments regarding blogposts I thought were worthy.

I’ve also been visiting my fave local S.A. bloggers, like the 2 very famous mommy-bloggers, reluctantmom and The fat diaries, trying to pick up tips and hot topics. Although I must say that these two aunties are so very much on the opposite ends of the personality spectrum – each with their own set of morals, parenting styles, social class, confidence indicators, delusions of grandeur and mental wellness factors. I am hoping I slot in, somewhere between the two – in a piece of the normal-pie?

But back to the 3 and 3 zero’s. That offer of a Freebie Franschoek trippie is getting closer and closer … I can smell it in the glass of unwooded Chardonnay, here next to me.

Aaah … it would be blog-bliss.



4 thoughts on “Racing towards 3000 hits.

    • – Am Nun behaving badly, today. Toddler off too school, without Tiara. Don’t need fake boobs. Will be baking cakes later in the week. Funny, it is so damn hard to build up decent and penetrating tags? Definitely harder than I thought – maybe ‘coz I am stone cold sober?

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