Who, where or what is Franschoek?



It just occurred to me that many of the bloggers that have a squizz at my posts, most probably do not have the slightest inkling of whom, or where, or what, ‘Franschoek‘ is. (As mentioned in previous blogs, people in South Africa do not seem to like me as much as the people in USA, UK and Montenegro – or however you spell that little country – hence my ‘really large’ and exotic foreign following…)

Well, to put you in the know, it is an absolutely fab little place just outside Cape Town. I have visited it on many occasions, and obviously, have a desire to get there again, and soon.

It is where many French Hugenot Settlers came to land once upon a time, and is is world-renowned for it’s super, fantastic wine; good food and laid back vibe.

Obviously, people like myself will never be able to afford real estate in this little corner of the world – but, hey, are we not allowed to visit once in a while and dream big ‘what if’s?’


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