One Award down … hundreds to go.

Received a delightful little notice in my mailbox just now.

It reads as follows: “Congratulations! We loved your great and yummy posts, so we’ve decided to give you a Grade 4 BlOgcean Award! If you want to know more about your award or nominate someone else, then visit:
Our aim is to spread the love of Blogging and encourage achieving Bloggers to do their best, so keep up the brill work!

(I just hope that there is some merit to this, and that I did not just get it because I went onto their site and pleaded and begged. I may also be guilty of some zealous re-blogging….)

You decide ….



6 thoughts on “One Award down … hundreds to go.

    • And jumping cats … had to literally run to save my cooling bacon (No, really) from Mamma Maya as she swooped in from where she had been roosting, on top of the picnic basket, above the cleaning cupboard.

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