I want a prezzie – tell my Secret Santa…

if you go and check out http://thestilettomum.wordpress.com/2012/10/17/blogger-secret-santa-61-and-counting/ , you will notice that The Stiletto Mum is organising a bit of Goodwill and gift giving and all that – for the Festive Season.

And I have decided that I am there, like Fred Bear … It’s on, like Donkey Kong …

How it works: I think you get over to the blogsite (apparently, you don’t need to be a blogwriter – just reading a few of them is enough), and make your voice known – then you get put on the list and there is a big mix up, and, Voila – you get a prezzie in the post!


You are also supposed to write a little about you, yourself and Irene – so that the Gift-or can bestow on the Gift-ee a prezzie that is worthy.

Now, a study on the habits and deep-inner psyche that makes up https://rosfromscratch.wordpress.com ….

– I am not a big reader, although I love how-to books and, yes, I soak up the Ideas mag every month – also the Essentials, Your Family, etc, etc.

– Love my baking – cute little cups and gadgets and books and decorations….

– Please do not buy me chocolate – this is the one thing that I just buy for myself, whenever I feel like it. Not a novelty in this house, more like a grocery cupboard staple.

– Am quite taken with the value for money stuff you get at Mr Price Home, especially the eighteenth-voertsek-Victorian-Botannical stuff, with the birdies, butterflies and twigs and orchards.

– I bubblebath every night, except for when I wash my hair in the shower. I love a good bottle of nice smelling stuff. And have discovered that the most expensive is not always the nicest or lingering. With this said, I will, however bend over backwards for anything from the Charlotte Rhys range.

– And I am ashamed to say I use linen mist every evening – but only on my pillow.

– I have no issues with Clicks products.

– I love a good laugh

– I love retro stuff, especially tins, posters, kitchen paraphenalia and bluntcards – the ruder, the better.

– I am not adverse to dangly earrings and vintage jewellery and wine.

– And Franschoek.

Well, that should exploit the gift budget of 100 ront a 1000 times over….


4 thoughts on “I want a prezzie – tell my Secret Santa…

    • Man, I stayed on a farm for 3 years … you make your own entertainment … and it cannot always be a Bring ‘n Braai, with Klippies! Actually, I really miss the farm … the good old days, the boomslange, Cape Cobra’s and loosing my 2 year old in the orange groves. I kid you not. I used to have to get down on my knees and crawl around between the trees, trying to sport her little, chubby legs as they flailed alongside the pink Barbie BP scooter, through the vrot oranges… those were the good old days. (I do not do LOL’s.)

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