Hi-ho-hi-ho….it’s off to work I go…

I kid you not. I found a job. Got the call on Tuesday and started on Wednesday.

And it has been a loooonnnngg 3 days. Damn – have forgot what it is like to live by someone else’s rules.

Clock in. Clock out.

Luckily, it is 3.5km’s away from home – 5 minutes – there and back. And, big plus – most Fridays, you get to go home at 2pm. YAY.

Think that the worst has been the fact that I have been baking every night. Funny how – now that I have permanent employment – everyone wants a freaking cake??!?

But by Monday evening, the worst will be over. I would still love to bake – but obviously, as I have time.

This place I am working for … summed up in 5 words … Big brand, surf, table tennis.

Yup, even the G.M. partakes in the teatime ritual of table tennis. Very serious stuff….

Am very grateful. Glad that I do not have to travel to PE every day. that would cost me a good 2-2.5 hrs p/day and at least 3 grand extra p.m in petrol.

Just hope I can make it – sort of feel a bit old ….

But please excuse me while I  get used to the working routine. Promise that once I am settled, I will take my blog seriously, again.

Please note, however, that I will take a Freebie trip to Franschoek, at the drop of a hat….

Due to these unforseen circumstances, I have taken up drinking on a serious note again…


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