Bring me my pills.

Those of you that are fortunate enough to be around me at certain times of my very exciting life will know that I have been threatening to birth a blog for a very long time now. Well, I popped the cherry and here we are. I cannot guarantee any world-altering deductions, mind-numbing revelations or motivational musings. In fact, at my current pace through life, do not expect the solution to world hunger to pop up very soon on these pages. I am so verrry busy right now – what with only rolling out of bed at 10-ish, then watching Toddlers in Tiaras (fascinating stuff) and cooking and baking for fun. I am anchored in a little coastal town in the Kouga (Look it up!) area, where it is taking all day for things to happen. On the side, I do a little job hunting in the Bay (nothing like an interview with a corporate-type, siz 8, snotty 24 year old to get your blood pumping and verbal sewerage spewing from your mouth). I also harbour a secret desire … to own a cake shop. Yes, I like to cook and bake for fun. As we progress through the story of my life, I may just entertain you with pic’s of my latest offerings.

I like to think of myself as a bit of an art-fart, and have been known to crochet, paint and mosaic on the side. Yes, all very predictable – but at least I draw the line at scrapbooking. (OK – maybe I have made one or two Mother’s Day cards along the way – but that was it, I promise.)

Footnotes: (So that you may understand my thought processes…) 2 x Weimeraners (Boris and Trixie); 1 x Africanis of SPCA origin (Jingi aka Benji ex- Brownie); 1 x Siamese (Dexter aka Walky-talky); 1 x Sia-mix (Milo aka Fanus); 1 x Torty (Maya aka Mamma-maya); 1 x 13-year old boytweenman (let’s call him J aka unibrow aka Windbal); 1 x 9-year old madam (let’s call her C aka Sussie aka I’m bored). Plus 1 x  over-active Granny nearby – with an underactive thyroid.

Finally, but not least, I can add 1 x 39-year old husband (let’s call him S and sometimes, aka many other descriptive words that may not be appropriate if this is being read by family, friends and u/18’s.) But I have dedicated an entire paragraph to him. He is rapidly-greying, working 2 jobs that I know of, and always too eager for a ride … luckily, I have a sister wife (aka Katy M), so it takes the pressure off me – she is orange and sleeps in the garage – but that is a whole other story.

P.S Further facts of minor importance:

– I am rather anal about taking my meds. I am all for drugs – in fact I get a thrill from taking my iron supplement every morning.

– Gave up a 2- bottle-a-day habit a while back. The only upside to this has been that we can afford to send J to boarding school.

-Can get extremely envious (OK, green-jowelled with unbridled jealousy) of people who seem to have it all together, riding on the 100m luxury yacht of life, with their plastic teeth and perfect kids … and so go-getterish that they would harvest and sell their 80-year old mother’s kidneys to make payment on the Prada. Oh well, s’pose it takes all types.


17 thoughts on “Bring me my pills.

      • uhm I also have niggies ini Kaap… and we all equally weird lol… as Ouma Hester was arty tarty too 😉 It runs in da family 😉

      • Ja … onder draai die duiwel rond. And then, you and your mumsie must sit down and have a serious chat about what type of ‘koek’ Uncle Sim is wanting for his b/ day… We spoke about cupcakes with caramel and cream – maybe vanilla – as I didn’t realise your dad really did not like choc!! With little ’60’s on them … must decide on cowboy hat then…

  1. Hey, good to see someone else in my situation! I’ve been so so busy trying to figure out what it is I want to do with myself since falling out with my job. Been going for those interviews too. And creating raw food. And designing. And making people laugh whilst crying on the inside. You are now officially my inspiration! Thank you.

    • OK – those are strong sentiments. Most days, I battle to inspire my right index finger to grovel up into one of my nasal passages… let alone trying to inspire someone else to live their life in a constructive manner. But, hey, whatever blows your hair back and, if it works for you, I am all for it!! What you designing? Sounds interesting?

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