Secret Santa and the Stinking bank

Those local yokels in SA will know that the Saffer Blogs that are worth their Christmas in Candy, have entered Secret Santa Campaign.

I am thrilled to say that I received the name of the aunty on whom I shall be bestowing a jolly gift, this festive season. And I know exactly what to buy … and where.

On a more sombre note – today I wrote a stinking letter of disgust to the CEO of a National Bank. (Not FNB, Not ABSA, Not Standard, Not Capitec.)

I am pissed. I am sick of listening to freaking ad campaigns on the radio declaring their interest and dedication in helping small businesses in this rainbow nation of ours. How they care and understand. How they want to help you and your employees and your investors. EVERYDAY Рevery hour.

Bull – sH%t – twot.

F$%king useless.

I feel a nice little complaint to the banking ombudsman coming on.

Franschoek – you can make it all better.

No. Really.

Have reverted to watching a 5x rerun of Toddlers ‘n Tiara’s. It is that bad.