Ooo … I been a baaad pudddy cat!

Those of you that were clocking in for a regular read will have noticed that this blog-aunty has been rather slack of late.

You will also notice that the world DID NOT end on  the 21st.

In the beginning of my encroaching tardiness in the blogging department, I could argue the excuse of my now full time job at a global surfwear company (who would have thought?) But in the past few days, there has been excessive cooking (A FULL CATERING FOR 17 GUESTS FOR CHRISTMAS LUNCH) and drinking (we have lost count of all the boxes of chardonnay, cheap and expensive ‘champagne’ that have had board and lodging in the second fridge) and gift-opening (I was spoilt rotten this Christmas – handbags, Thierry Mugler, coffee flasks, orchids, aprons and lovely kitchen and smelly things.) So, in my small little mind – absolutely no time for blogging!

I am hoping to settle into my regular writing routine in 2013 (I really miss it). I have also made a vow that I shall not let sooo much alcohol pass my lips; hardly half the sugar shall coat my gullet and I have taken a moratorium out on baking in this house – there shall be none (not even Banoffie Pie) until I have lost at least 10 kg’s.

It may sound familiar – because it is. But really – my clothes are too tight; I can hardly breathe… And I refuse to buy another freaking kaftan!

Happy New Year, y’all … it can only be better than 2012.