Working like a hound dog.

I cannot begin to explain to you how this new little job of mine has steam-rollered me into submission.

I am surviving from day-to-day – and still feel like a right twot.

Get home, and all I want to do, is drink and sleep. Today – someone called me ‘Chardonnay Verwey.’ Yes – only funny if you are South African and have watched the movie, ‘Vaatjie sien sy gat.’

Worst is – the aunty who has been training me, is leaving tomorrow. But fear not, I have her phone no. on speed-dial.

Did first bit of Christmas shopping today – 5 gifts in 5 minutes.

This weekend, I shall be making the Merry, baking the Christmas cookies, trying to strangle the Tree with baubles and string lights, drinking the cough syryp; and attempting to get as many 3 for the price of 2 specials at Clicks.

Oh – and there is the case of the ‘Hello Kitty’ cake for Monday. Sunday’s worry.

It is raining again. Mainly because Austin, our international gardener of mys-Tree, washed the car AND all three dogs. Damn, he is good.

Fa-la-la-la-la…. La-la-la-la.

I want a prezzie – tell my Secret Santa…

if you go and check out , you will notice that The Stiletto Mum is organising a bit of Goodwill and gift giving and all that – for the Festive Season.

And I have decided that I am there, like Fred Bear … It’s on, like Donkey Kong …

How it works: I think you get over to the blogsite (apparently, you don’t need to be a blogwriter – just reading a few of them is enough), and make your voice known – then you get put on the list and there is a big mix up, and, Voila – you get a prezzie in the post!


You are also supposed to write a little about you, yourself and Irene – so that the Gift-or can bestow on the Gift-ee a prezzie that is worthy.

Now, a study on the habits and deep-inner psyche that makes up ….

– I am not a big reader, although I love how-to books and, yes, I soak up the Ideas mag every month – also the Essentials, Your Family, etc, etc.

– Love my baking – cute little cups and gadgets and books and decorations….

– Please do not buy me chocolate – this is the one thing that I just buy for myself, whenever I feel like it. Not a novelty in this house, more like a grocery cupboard staple.

– Am quite taken with the value for money stuff you get at Mr Price Home, especially the eighteenth-voertsek-Victorian-Botannical stuff, with the birdies, butterflies and twigs and orchards.

– I bubblebath every night, except for when I wash my hair in the shower. I love a good bottle of nice smelling stuff. And have discovered that the most expensive is not always the nicest or lingering. With this said, I will, however bend over backwards for anything from the Charlotte Rhys range.

– And I am ashamed to say I use linen mist every evening – but only on my pillow.

– I have no issues with Clicks products.

– I love a good laugh

– I love retro stuff, especially tins, posters, kitchen paraphenalia and bluntcards – the ruder, the better.

– I am not adverse to dangly earrings and vintage jewellery and wine.

– And Franschoek.

Well, that should exploit the gift budget of 100 ront a 1000 times over….